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Download Whatsapp plus

Download Whatsapp plus – A variety of WhatsApp Mods are accessible, including, FMWhatsApp, and YoWhatsApp, among others. However, our attention will be on WhatsApp Plus today, delving into its functionalities and exploring how you can take advantage of its features.

Each modified version comes with its unique set of pros and cons. Given the widespread use of WhatsApp, many individuals have inquired about the safety of using WhatsApp Plus. In this article, we will scrutinize the features, benefits, and drawbacks of WhatsApp Plus to assist you in determining whether it is the suitable option for your needs.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus stands out as the Mod APK of the official version, as mentioned earlier. Its numerous distinctive features make it highly appealing. Notable features like Freeze Online, Anti-Delete Messages & Status, and DND Mode are among the most popular.

For those seeking extensive customization options, WhatsApp Plus is a must-have application. Its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) functionality allows you to personalize every aspect of the app, aligning it with your style and preferences. Whether it involves sections, tabs, bars, or text, you have full control over the app’s visual and functional aspects.

To delve deeper into WhatsApp Plus and gain a comprehensive understanding of its features and installation process, we recommend exploring our latest post. We have provided a detailed explanation to ensure you can fully enjoy all the benefits offered by this remarkable MOD.

WhatsApp Plus Exclusive Features

WhatsApp Plus introduces numerous fantastic features that are not present in the original version, making it a beloved choice among users. Here are some practical aspects that prove highly useful in daily life.

Privacy & Security Features

What is WhatsApp Plus
What is WhatsApp Plus
  • Freeze Online – Concealing your online status is not an option in the official WhatsApp version. However, WhatsApp Plus allows you to mask your online status by activating this feature in the privacy settings.
  • Hide View Status – Activating the Hide View Status option ensures that your name won’t appear in the status view list of your friends. This allows you to view anyone’s status without alerting them.
  • Freeze/Hide Last Seen – While the official WhatsApp already offers the ability to hide your last seen, WhatsApp Plus enhances this by allowing you to still see others’ last seen while concealing your own.
  • Hide Chats/Conversations – To enhance privacy, WhatsApp Plus enables you to hide specific contacts, transferring selected chats to a secure location accessible by clicking the WhatsApp Plus text icon on the home screen.
  • Hide Videos and Images from the Gallery – WhatsApp Plus offers a privacy feature where you can prevent your photos and videos from appearing in the gallery. Once activated, you can only access them within the WhatsApp Plus app.
  • WhatsApp Lock – Similar to the official WhatsApp app, WhatsApp Plus provides a lock feature for added security, with fingerprint authentication as the default option.
  • Choose Who Can Call You – WhatsApp Plus uniquely allows you to specify who can call you, preventing unwanted calls even when you are online.
  • Blue Ticks After Your Reply – This feature, found in the Privacy settings under the conversations section, allows you to read messages without revealing blue ticks until you respond.
  • Aeroplane Mode/DND Mode – Activating Aeroplane Mode or DND Mode in WhatsApp Plus temporarily silences messages, providing uninterrupted focus when needed.
  • Backup and Restore – WhatsApp Plus simplifies the backup and restore process with three options: Local backup, Mega, and Dropbox backup.
  • Disable Forward Tag on Message – WhatsApp Plus enables the removal of the ‘Forwarded message’ tag that appears when forwarding a message, providing a more discreet sharing option.
  • Anti-Delete Status – Enabling this feature allows you to still observe the status of users who have deleted their status. Even after deletion, you can view these statuses while others cannot.
  • Anti-Delete Messages – Similar to the Anti-Delete Status feature, this function in WhatsApp Plus ensures that you can still see messages that someone sends and then deletes, offering insights into unintentionally deleted communications.


Explore the customization possibilities tailored to your preferences. While we’ve highlighted a few essential features here, there’s much more to discover about WhatsApp Plus. Download the WhatsApp Plus APK and delve into the full range of options.

  • WhatsApp Plus Theme Store – The application includes a built-in theme store where you can download themes and customize them according to your preferences. Additionally, there’s a bookmark feature for convenient access.
  • Alter Various Elements – Modify the color scheme of universal elements, background, list background, status bar, navigation bar, and more. Different sections of the app, such as home, chats, status, and list elements, can be individually customized.
  • Emoji Variant Selection – Choose from three distinct emoji variants, including Old, WhatsApp default, and iOS style, to personalize your messaging experience.
  • Font Style Customization – WhatsApp Plus provides a dedicated section for font styles, eliminating the need to change the universal system font separately.
  • Change Launcher Icons – With over 50+ launcher icons available, you can select the one that suits your preferences without requiring a separate launcher installation to change the WhatsApp icon.
  • Disable Badge Counter – If you find the badge counter displaying the number of received messages intrusive, WhatsApp Plus allows you to disable it, providing a cleaner appearance to your screen.

WhatsApp Plus Extra Features

  • Activate Floating Chats Head – Enable this function to have chat heads floating on your screen while using other applications. This is particularly useful for individuals who enjoy multitasking on their phones. Chat heads allow you to respond to messages without having to open WhatsApp Plus.
  • Share 100% Quality Status – When uploading a video or image to WhatsApp Status, the official version reduces the quality to 80%. To address this limitation, utilize WhatsApp Plus APK to share videos and images at their full 100% quality.
  • Forward Messages to 300 People – In the official WhatsApp version, the forwarding capability was restricted to sending messages to a maximum of 5 people at a time. WhatsApp Plus overcomes this limitation, allowing you to forward messages to up to 300 contacts simultaneously. Despite this expanded function, it is advisable to use it judiciously to avoid potential bans for spamming.

How to Backup Messages on WhatsApp Plus?

There are three methods available for backing up your messages on WhatsApp Plus.

  • Utilize MEGA Backup – Similar to Dropbox, MEGA serves as an integrated online backup solution in WhatsApp Plus. Notably, MEGA provides a generous 20 GB of free storage, making the backup of WhatsApp chats and other files convenient and hassle-free.
  • Opt for a Local Backup (Offline) – As the name suggests, this backup is stored on your local storage without the need for internet connectivity. This method mirrors the official WhatsApp backup feature, allowing you to backup chats and media offline.
  • Leverage Dropbox Backup – WhatsApp Plus incorporates Dropbox as an in-built online backup solution. To store backups online, you’ll need to create a Dropbox account. A 2 GB free storage space is available, with the option to upgrade to a premium plan for additional storage if needed.

Should I Use WhatsApp Plus?

Absolutely, it is highly recommended to use WhatsApp Plus to enjoy its incredible features. WhatsApp Plus represents a comprehensive transformation of the official app, incorporating numerous new features while preserving the original interface. So, why not give it a try? Download the WhatsApp Plus APK for Android now by clicking the download button above.

It’s important to note that WhatsApp Plus is entirely free, and there are no charges associated with downloading and using this application.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp on my phone at a time?

Even though WhatsApp Plus utilizes the same underlying code as WhatsApp, there is no need to uninstall WhatsApp in order to use WhatsApp Plus, and vice versa. Both applications can coexist on your phone without any issues, as they are distinct apps with separate packages. Therefore, you have the flexibility to use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus simultaneously on your device.

Download WhatsAppPlus APK

Download APK

WhatsApp Plus isn’t working on my phone, How to Fix it?

  • Initially, you need to activate the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ setting, allowing the installation of apps not sourced from the Play Store.
  • Proceed to download the latest WhatsApp Plus APK. It’s essential to acquire the most recent version, as older versions may not be compatible with all Android devices. To access the latest WhatsApp Plus versions, simply click on the download icon provided above.
  • Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that your Android version meets the requirements. WhatsApp Plus necessitates a minimum Android version of 5.0 for proper functionality.

Installation Guide for WhatsApp Plus

Should I Use WhatsApp Plus
Should I Use WhatsApp Plus

Step 1: Access your phone’s settings and locate the security option. Within the security settings, find and activate the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ option. This setting is crucial for installing any apps on your device.

Step 2: Utilize the file manager to navigate to the download folder where the WhatsApp Plus APK is saved. Select the file and proceed to click the Install button.

Step 3: After the installation, launch the WhatsApp Plus APK and provide your phone number. Similar to the official version, you will receive an OTP. Upon OTP verification, input your name and click the Done button. Your WhatsApp Plus APK 2025 is now ready for use.


These highlighted features showcase the best aspects of WhatsApp Plus APK. We have provided comprehensive information about WhatsApp Plus for Android 2025, covering everything you need to know. If you are exploring alternatives to WhatsApp and seeking something innovative, WhatsApp Plus emerges as an excellent choice. The multitude of features and customization options it offers is truly impressive.

For enthusiasts of such applications, it is recommended to explore other WhatsApp mods as well, including GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and YoWhatsApp. These alternatives are also noteworthy, boasting various cool features.